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"How do I pull it all together without spending any money?" "What colors work well together?"
"My accessories just don’t look right". "I wish I could rearrange this furniture, but I don’t know how".

Sarah hears these questions and comments quite often from her clients. With Sarah’s expertise, in no time, you will be on your way to enjoying your redesigned spaces. She will provide specific decorating recommendations to create balance, harmony and functionality to your space, using what you have. Whether you have moved into a new home, or have lived in one for years, the same principals apply. Many times, when moving into a new home, homeowners find that they can repurpose many of their furnishings to fit the needs of their new space. Creating a space that is inviting, comfortable and affordable – that’s what redesign is all about.


It’s not what you have, but how you use it

"When my husband and I moved into our traditional ranch home, we had a lot of big furniture and no idea how to place it. At first it seemed pretty straightforward – put the dining table in the formal dining room, the baby grand piano in the formal living room, the comfortable sofa and TV in the family/hearth room connected with the kitchen. But after we placed the furniture in their logical places, it felt so wrong! We could not figure out why we were unhappy with the arrangement. On paper, it all made perfect sense!

"Eventually we called Sarah for help because we could not see for ourselves how to fix the situation. After walking through our house and asking us some questions, she quickly determined that we were only using about 50% of our total living space. We spent all our time in the kitchen and attached family/hearth room and only rarely set foot in our formal living and dining rooms. She planted the idea that we should utilize all the living area square footage we possibly can; we should arrange furniture so that we are living in every room every day. With that concept in mind, she suggested we repurpose our formal dining room as an office and music room for our big baby grand piano. At first, I was skeptical. I felt everyone had to have a formal dining room! But after talking with Sarah, I realized that we used our formal dining room maybe twice a year; why not arrange the furniture so that we use it daily and enjoy the extra space it affords the piano? Sarah’s suggestions led us to rearrange our beloved furniture in a way that allowed us to use each room and spread out in the living areas.

"It’s safe to say we never would have thought of Sarah’s solution ourselves. We are so thrilled with the outcome – for little money, we were able to make the very most of our home’s layout with furniture we already owned. We live in every room every day, and that is a wonderful feeling."

Christine and Brian Brush
Leawood, KS